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That proves my point. In the pass month or so, I started to play the Clash Royale Game, my son, who play the game with a bit of his friend recommended me to install and try it.

Maybe you must read Clash Royale review to make you more interested in playing the game, So if you haven’t played this game before.

There are some online games that are fun to play in your mobile phone.


The best game from this type is a Clash Royale who can be downloaded from Playstore. Let me tell you something. Let us talk about this game and see if you gonna be interested in playing this game.

When we talk about the playing, I’d say in case you need to get some stuff to play the game easier, you can get them for some money, or you can use our Online Generator and generate free gems that you can use in the game.


For the Clash Royale review of the gameplay, therefore this game is a game that you should have some strategy to win.

There should be a king Tower who is protected by another two towers on thw both sides. So if you look for to win the game, you must destroy your opponent’s king Tower before he does yours. You’d better play the cards smart to win the game as each card has its own specialization and you’d better place it in the right time and the right place. Game is draw, if you run out of time and no one except beats the king. You will face an opponent and you should better win the game to get some stuff. That’s interesting. I am really enjoying play the game, fight other players, level up my cards and donate as much card as I can, that give me some extra game money, I believe the game is very fun with easy to use and to understand UI and So it’s highly recommended to burn your time in a fun and enjoyable way.


Which take time to recharged, and any card cost you Elixir.

Undoubtedly it’s recommended to make your deck variety with card that need 1 or 2 Elixir and other that need more, that said, this way you may be able to use card on almost any given time for attack and defense, as the game battle is on the basis of your current Elixir. Join a clan, look for clan with lot of members, it’s an ideal place to make game money, by card donation, any donation gives you money, and if you donate a card from a high class, you get more money. You will have to figure out the card that suit for you, the game I reckon the overview of the game is great and highly recommended.