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Best Free Online Picture Reduce Tools

In today’s post, we want to introduce three free tools that will help you to compress the images on your web page Why should you compress your images files? Compressing images has the benefit of shortening the loading speed of the website. According to the latest studies, the loading speed of new web pages (above […]

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Is Your Brand Image Perceived the Way You Want It?

Is your brand image perceived the way you want it? Let’s talk brand image You started your business and you first have a visual identity, then you have made your organization grow and developed your communication tools. The years have passed and you may have developed new products and services and you have adapted to […]

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10 Best Image creation tools

PicMonkey Picmonkey is the best image compression software for editing or creating images for your publications in social networks. We used it before discovering Canva who is truly our favourite. Canva Canva is probably the most comprehensive of the tools that can be found on the Web at the moment. Many models allow you to […]

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Tips for Analyzing an Image

This methodological form is proposed by Sciences Po, associated with OpenClassrooms, to accompany the students to the BAC and the Graduate studies. We are progressively publishing nine E-methodo sheets designed by high school and science teachers: Write a dissertation, a text commentary, take notes, read a map, do an Internet search, organize your time during […]

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Text2pic, an Application to Create Illustrated Messages

Text2Pic, an application to create illustrated messages and image compression tool What is it? Text2Pic is image compression tool that allows you to create illustrated messages. How does it work? To create an aesthetic and powerful message from an image and quotation or any other short text, simply download the Text2Pic application available on IOS. […]

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18 Tools to turn your favorite quotes into pictures

These image compression tool are very simple to use. You don’t need to have any graphic design skills or use your own photographs, as background images are provided on these sites. Here you can find a tutorial How to improve the brightness, color, and overall quality of your images in Adobe Photoshop CC. Here are […]

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