In today’s post, we want to introduce three free tools that will help you to compress the images on your web page

Why should you compress your images files?

Compressing images has the benefit of shortening the loading speed of the website. According to the latest studies, the loading speed of new web pages (above 20%) is worsened. This is the direct effect of content creators posting more images, videos, and animations, in order to make their websites more appealing therefore increasing loading time. Before continue reading about finding out what three tools will help you compress the image on your web, we would like to offer a new no deposit casino bonus to all those interested in playing online casino games for free. You have nothing to lose, and it is definitely worth your time.

A reducepicture is worth more than 100 words!

If you want your websites to contain great, meaningful images you will need a few easy to use and accessible tools at hand, to efficiently compress your images. Mainly, the idea is to create smaller image files that will enable websites to load faster and therefore offer a better user experience and improved search engine ranking.

Our three picks:

Before we start, no matter which one you choose from these programs, you won’t be disappointed. And if you decide to buy them, you will get free 50 spins that can be used to play any real money slot game on this site right here. Now let’s go over our top three picks.

If you find yourself mainly using the .png format, you should consider using TinyPNG. This website offers great transparency and good compression capabilities without any significant loss of quality. The free version is very intuitive to use. All you need to do is select the pictures, and they will be compressed immediately. After that, you can download your files directly from the Dropbox or as a .zip file.

Our next choice is which can compress .jpg, .png, .gif and .svg. And offers two types of compression. It is quite easy and intuitive to use, similar to the previous recommendation. The files are downloaded either in Dropbox, Google Drive or directly to your computer.

And finally, last but not least we recommend you check out Optimizilla. This compressor supports .jpg and .png files and allows you to upload up to 20 files at a time.