Learn How to Resize, Crop, and Straighten an Image, and Expand the Work Area in Adobe Photoshop CC

1.Resizing an image

Change the size of an image.

1. Choose image > image size.
2. Choose pixels for the width and height of images you will use online, and inches (or centimeters) for those you will     print. Be sure to activate the link icon to keep the proportions. The height will be automatically adjusted as soon as you change the width, and conversely.
3. Select the Resample check box to change the number of pixels in the image and therefore its size.
4. Click OK.

2.Definition of resolution

Change the resolution of an image.

1. Choose image > image size. The resolution field in this dialog box shows the number of pixels that will be printed per inch.
2. Keep the thumbs for the width and height of an image to be printed.
3. Clear the Resample check box to retain the original number of pixels.
4. In the resolution field, specify 300 pixels per inch for printing on a conventional inkjet printer. The number of inches defined in the width and Height fields is changed.
5. Click OK.

3.Cropping and straightening an image

Use the cropping tool.

1. In the Tools panel, select the image compression tool. A cropping area will then appear on the image.
2. Drag an edge or angle from the cropping area to adjust its size and shape.
3. Drag the image inside the cropping area to reposition it.
4. Drag an angle outside the cropping area to rotate the image or straighten it.
5. Click the check mark in the Options bar, or press the ENTER (Windows) or return (Mac OS) key to confirm the cropping.

4.Expanding the work area

Expand the work area.

1. Choose Image > work area size.
2. To enlarge the work area, specify the number of pixels or inches to be added in width and height. Choose pixels for online use and thumbs for a print.
3. Click the Relative check box, and then select an anchor point on the position diagram. The arrows point to the sides where the work area will be enlarged.
4. Click OK.